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How did we came up with the idea for Re-Cycle-Me?

img_9441The start of Re-Cycle-Me sustainable toys made from garbage.

Hi, my name is Ellen Boekraad. For many years it was my dream to develop sustainable toys.
Unfortunately I did not have the right idea for it, yet. My wish for this combination was confirmed at the latest international toyfair Spielwarenmesse 2016 in Nürnberg. At this trade show we are present year by year to show our own latest assortment. Of course I am exploring the fair to see what others have to offer in the toy branch. My opinion is that there is not enough focus on sustainability.
In recent years arts and crafts and DIY packages for children are becoming really popular. This is also the birth of our brand Re-Cycle-Me; working with garbage with an eye for sustainability. I am very content with our brand name Re-Cycle-Me, because it really invites to start recycling. Crafts is a great way to recreate and it gives kids loads of fun while working on their creativity, confidence and concentration.
As from February ’16 we have locked ourselves up for 4 months to think about all the possibilities with garbage. We have crafted a lot and we are not quite there yet:) All the crafts are displayed at our own office. From all the crafts we have made selections for various boxes and we have displayed all the manuals. This was a huge project and after one single presentation we gained our first big retail customer for the Netherlands and Germany. This retailer decided to launch Re-Cycle-Me big time in the last months of 2016, which is really cool! This also meant that we had to build our website Due to the international interest we have also translated the website into english. We are also active on facebook, instagram and twitter. It would be great if you start following us!
At this moment we have developed 15 different arts & crafts boxes for children. We are also working on the development of home deco boxes for children and adults. These boxes will be launched in the spring of 2017.
It would be fantastic when a part of all the plastic toys in the end will be replaced by toys made from garbage. It is also our intention to show children and their parents that there is much fun to create from garbage.
Best regards,