Frequently asked questions

All our boxes are suitable from the age of 4 years and older with exception of the Science Box which is suitable for childeren from 8 years and older. We advise parents to help their childeren with the use of a pair of scissors by cutting the PET bottles.

A box always contains a manual and all the parts to build the objects shown on the box as well as on the manual.

Of course you need to collect the garbage shown on the packaging yourself.

We advise you to follow us on facebook, twitter or instagram to be updated of our assortment or our selling partners

It’s important for us to work on a better awareness of the amount of waste we are all producing.

All our boxes are made of FSC-carton which states that our packaging is made of wood which that is harvested in a sustainable way from a forest, without damaging it. All our parts in the boxes are packed in recycled paper bags and the paint we use is water-based.

Ideas & suggestions

If you have a nice suggestion please let us know because we like to exchange ideas and we are always open for suggestions. Please contact us via telephone, mail, twitter or facebook.