Less trash more fun

Re-Cycle-Me believes in a world in which children & their parents become more aware of the amount of trash we are all producing. A world where children help to reduce this by recycling or re-use.

And of course it’s cool to turn your own garbage into the nicest creations!

Our mission

  1. to create sustainable toys and objects made from garbage
  2. to create more awareness among children of the impact of single use of products for our environment
  3. to stimulate children to use their creativity and imagination for re-use of objects world wide
  4. to share ideas to reduce the amount of trash to create a cleaner world

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Re-Cycle-Me team

We are all caring parents. Involved with our children and the environment we live in. It would be nice to contribute to a better world bit by bit. Re-Cycle-Me is our idea to create sustainable toys and objects made out of garbage.

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