Privacy Policy

When surfing on the internet, websites collect and keep track of your personal data. Examples include; the IP address of your personal computer, the type of internet browser you are using and the number of pages visited. This is essential in order to ensure optimal customer quality and accessibility.

At the moment you virtually add a Re-Cycle-Me product into your shopping cart, an order is being processed and you will be asked to provide us with your personal details. This information is needed in order to ensure your purchase will be delivered on time and at the right place. Via your telephone number or e-mail address we can keep you informed about current updates or possible changes in the status of your order. In addition, we can pass on any of your personal details to affiliated companies who require this information for processing and distribution activities. We make sure that all of your personal information will be handled safely.

Also for our corporate clients as resellers and retailers we obtain personal information. In case this information is related to individual persons (contact person), we take care this information is handled safely.

We keep basic track of online customer statistics to measure which pages have been visited, and to what extent. We do not evaluate this information at an individual level, but rather at an aggregate level.

SOCIAL MEDIA uses plugins to connect the website with different social media platforms. In case you have a social media account, Facebook for instance, you can login with your social media account to like and share our products. Kids Commotions b.v. does not obtain any access to your social media account via these plugins, but serve as a way to share articles or products with your friends.